Andreas Öhlén
Andreas ÖhlénManaging Director
Andreas is the one to talk to if you want to buy a car or spare parts. Together with the staff, he plans the work in the workshop. Andreas has been in the company for many years and started to work with us while he was still in school and then took over the spare parts department. In 2015 he moved to England to work with one of the biggest suppliers of aftermarket parts for Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars in the world. Andreas has a great passion for cars and photography which reflects on our website.
Maria Ericson
Maria EricsonEconomy
Maria is the one that handles the economy and has continuous contact with customer, suppliers and partners. She has work in the company since 2015. Before that she work as an optician assistant, spare parts salesman and she also owned and run her own company for 10 years. When she’s not working she likes to talk long walks in the woods, reading and spending time with the family. She is also looking forward to (with horrible delight) that her eldest son starts with his driving lessons.
Ove Gustafsson
Ove GustafssonTechnician
Ove is a technician and works with everything in the workshop from service – small repairs – electrical but mostly restorations. He has been with us since 2005. Before that, he has worked for the Swedish army as an army mechanic and car mechanic. When he is not working he’s got his hands full with his kids at home and he likes to spend some time in his garage where he has several small projects.
Mikael Malm
Mikael MalmTechnician
Mikael is the one to talk to about spare parts, he is also the on to talk to if you require technical assistance and he runs the web shop. Apart from that he is a mechanic and has special competence as a car electrician. He’s been with us since 2010, before that he has worked with car electronics.When he is not working he likes to fly fish and to work on his house.
Lars Lagerblad
Lars LagerbladCoachwork Specialist
Lars is a coachwork specialist and works with all types of coachwork, be it new cars or old. He has been with us since 1994. Lasse is old-school and can make basically anything from a sheet of metal and his speciality is tinplating. When he is not working he and his wife like to travel the country with their caravan.
Sigvan Andersson
Sigvan AnderssonTechnician
Sigvan is a technician that mostly work with the older cars and restorations. He has got a vast experience with these cars and has been with us since 1995. Sigvan has been to Crewe on the mechanic education for Rolls-Royce. When he is not working he likes to take out one of his classic cars and take a long nice drive and dream of the old days when the cars were better.
Christer Abrahamsson
Christer AbrahamssonTechnician
Christer is a technician that does restoration work and services. He has worked at SAAB for many years before he joined our team and he knows the newer cars better than anyone. Christer is a mechanic that work fast and efficiently. When he is not working he and his wife like to run, cycle and do some cross country skiing.